7 Steps towards a Successful Business Using Social Media


7 Steps towards a Successful Business Using Social Media

7 Steps towards a Successful Business Using Social Media

Even with its increasing popularity, many business owners still don’t realize the importance of using social media so they tend not to use it completely. But then, social media becomes very prevalent and is expected to continue a very long way. In fact, a lot of clients are finding products/services on popular social media platforms like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Everyone spends more of their time on accessing and browsing their profiles on these popular websites, while the numbers are increasing too. So, every business owner should know how to take advantage.

The following are some of the steps every business owner should consider in order to produce a firm presence online that allows potential customers to stay connected.

  • Creating Optimized Pages.
    All business owners should create their own Facebook account, and have their business page created. In addition to this, Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be great platforms to begin with. First, you have to make a clean avatar as your profile picture. Your own picture is suggested since people like to link with the business’ owner more than the business itself. People wish to view your picture and learn more about you and your business.
  • Be Open to New Connections.
    Expect that you will have lots of followers on Google Plus and Twitter almost every day that it becomes quite implausible to welcome some new followers in such platforms. However, this is not the case with LinkedIn and Facebook, so you may want to use them to welcome your new followers.
  • Use Content with High Quality.
    Wanting to be like a professional online, it is important for you to have your own blog posts posted, articles produced by expert writers, informative, compelling images, and have them mixed up, while making sure that they are 80% within your own niche.
  • Promote Just Enough.
    From time to time, it is fine to say things about your business along with some special announcements you have. However, you should keep promotion to its minimum not more than two times a week.
  • Do Not Under or Over Post.
    Make sure not to post too little or too often on any specific network. When you over post, this will hinder the feeds of your friends, while when you under post nobody would know you are there.
  • Engage, Engage and Engage.
    Once you post great contents, people will comment, like, retweet, favorite and share your stuff. This only display that you care about interacting with other people.
  • Keep Controversial and Negativity Stuff at Bay.
    One significant turn off to audiences is the negativity like cursing and complaining. Everyone has bad days yet it is a good idea not to include them on your social pages because negativities might let people turn away from you. Avoid sharing controversial, religious, graphic, political and adult material as they will have a good chance to turn away people from you.

Make sure to take advantage of using the social media craze because it is the place where lots of your prospective business contacts hang out. Keep these things in mind to make things successful.

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