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Digital Media Planning and Purchasing

Digital Media Planning and Purchasing

To make it simple, media planning and purchasing pertains to where, when and how to reach customers whilst keeping an eye and your consistent attention to ROI.  It needs a talent for distinguishing platform-agnostic synergies across owned, paid & earned media while adding media planning with the creative procedure, optimizing the web marketing mix as well as developing attribution models to gauge the profit on media spend.

Targeting Your Prospects with Intent

For some companies, internet marketing is about yelling at the crowd while having page takeovers, flashy rollovers, and anything else that a person can pack in a 728 x 60. Most people really like flashy creative tools but successful and effective media planning is not simply about getting people’s attention. But, it has something to do with getting the attention of the right persons to become aware of what you offer while ensuring that you deliver the correct message to them with right timing. What we do is we combine SEM or Search Engine Marketing, display media and paid social in one which aids us in advising our customers on the correct budget allowance between purchased media for the most favorable ROI. It also permits us to employ audience and search data to recognize people to purchase and talk to them they go around the internet.

An Integrated Approach

Digital media preparation as well as media purchasing tactic both encompass a consistently changing ecosystem of purchased, owned and earned media. To establish linked brands, we get a complete approach to media preparation and purchasing that will let us integrate every digital channel which include social media controls and gauge cross-channel both offline and online. As an outcome, we are highly competent, nimble and able to edit, add and cancel any campaign for best results.

Gauge, Optimize and Repeat

Producing a favorable ROI for customers is in our DNA. We establish unbiased attribution models to gauge the ROI for each media dollar allocated. By using our proprietary connected advertising platform and 3rd party ad servers, all of us are capable of delivering and tracking programs designed to optimize the media spend & generate results. With the combination of all of these tools that are specifically designed to provide ongoing insights, campaign forecasting as well as flexible reporting, our valued customers are able to make the most of their online media dollars. All of the tools that we use each and every day help us a lot in consistently re-investing by placement and channel so that we can provide what our clients expected from us right from the start. We simply aim to meet and even exceed their expectations.

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